Processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry

29th & 30th November 2016

The red meat industry is an undeniable asset to the Australian economy.  But building a sustainable processing sector isn't simple.  On the horizon are a set of  complex risks which may impact our ability to grow, and threaten the future of the sector.  So what is the vital ingredient that will ensure our long-term sustainability?  


Over two days in November 2016, in a conference called “The Vital Ingredient”, we explored this question with an impressive line-up of Australian and international experts and we discussed the big issues and shared practical steps we're taking to address them.  


Below are video clips of each of the main sessions covering international competitiveness, the regulatory environment, changing consumption patterns, climate change, social licence to operate and value chain integration.  

You will also find videos on cooking demonstrations, a graduation ceremony and talks on research, innovation, sustainability and technology. 

In other areas of this website, you’ll also find the bios of all the presenters and some of their presentations, photographs and scribes from the conference.

I encourage you to contact us about future AMPC events.

Peter Noble, Chairman
Australian Meat Processor Corporation 

Who attended?

This conference was open to all working in, or with an interest in, red meat processing and the broader meat industry. ​​​​​​​We welcomed over 160 attendees from:

Meat Processors

Meat Producers

Industry researchers,
​​​​​​​scientists and suppliers

Technology Companies

Food retailers and manufacturers

Sustainability professionals

Government and industry bodies

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