The red meat industry’s importance to the Australian economy cannot be questioned. With industry value-added revenues (including flow on effects) of around $23 billion, ours is the country’s second largest manufacturing industry, and an employer of over 135,000 people.

Thanks to the “clean, green and safe” reputation of our product, we are the world’s seventh largest exporter, shipping 74 per cent of our domestic production. Being a trusted supplier of high-quality red meat means Australian processors and producers are well positioned to capitalise on the international growth in-demand for red meat, particularly in emerging Asian markets.

However, our research has indicated that on the horizon is a complex web of strategic risks facing the red meat industry that, if not mitigated, may impact our ability to capitalise on these opportunities and, indeed, threaten the long-term sustainability of our sector.

These risks include:

  • A changing climate
  • A challenging global competitive environment
  • Changing consumption patterns that are leading to a decline in the domestic demand for red meat
  • A fragmented supply chain
  • An increasing consumer focus on food safety and quality
  • Environmental protection and animal welfare
  • A complex regulatory environment

To successfully navigate the risks, processors and the red meat industry as a whole will need to adapt their operations to better integrate activities along the supply chain, respond to consumer concerns and increase the attractiveness of “brand Australia” in key export markets.

Our mission is to encourage innovation via world-class research, development and extension services to the red meat industry through a strategy that will see us responding to members’ needs, unlocking markets, becoming effective advocates to promote the value of the industry nationally and internationally, developing collaborative networks and relationships, and harnessing the world’s best ideas and skills.

Our 2016 Conference invited all to come and listen to leading Australian and international experts,

and join us in a conversation with a view to making Australia’s red meat industry more sustainable.