Processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry

29th & 30th November 2016

Declan Troy
Assistant Director of Research, Teagasc Ireland

Declan J. Troy is Assistant Director of Research, Teagasc – The Irish Agriculture and Development Authority. He also is Director of Technology and Knowledge Transfer for the Teagasc Food Programme (Moorepark and Ashtown Food Research Centres) and is based in Dublin. He recently launched the Teagasc Technology and Knowledge Transfer Strategy aimed at increasing science based innovation programmes with the food industry.

Currently he is the Director of the Marine Functional Food Research Initiative (NutraMara) a multidisciplinary programme aimed at discovering bioactive components from Irish marine sources for use in added value functional food products. He has collaborated in his research programme with many different research groups from all around the world including Australia, Korea and USA. He has been invited to speak at many international scientific conferences and industry seminars. He has supervised numerous PhD students to completion.

Declan sits on many national and international committees formulating research priorities in food science and advising state agencies and companies. He was Chairman of the World Congress of Food Science and Technology 2016 in Dublin in his capacity as President of the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland. He will chair the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) in Cork, Ireland in August 2017.