Processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry

29th & 30th November 2016

Janelle Bloom
TV Chef, Author and Stylist

Janelle Bloom is one of this country’s most-loved tv chefs, Author, food writer & stylist. She believes good cooking begins with confidence and a little patience. Her recipes are foolproof, easy-to-follow and use seasonal ingredients that are readily available. What’s more, each one has to taste every bit as good as it looks.

Janelle is one of the original chefs on Ready Steady Cook. She has published 4 best selling cookbooks in the past 7 years and has been involved with many publications as a Food Editor, writer and food stylist for over 18 years.

Janelle contributes to numerous charities and community programs, with Ronald Mcdonald House (Randwick) topping the list, where she has been the Ambassador for 10 years as well as a weekly volunteer. She says “working as a volunteer puts everything into perspective. It’s something we should all do”. When Janelle has some precious downtime she loves to read, swim, exercise (to work off all the food she eats) and of course… cook!