Processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry

29th & 30th November 2016

Mark Inglis
Supply Chain Manager, JBS Farm Assurance

Mark Inglis has a commercial background with experience in animal husbandry and animal production. He has worked on a broad range of livestock orientated properties, including cattle properties in Western Australia’s Kimberley, sheep properties both wool and meat in Victoria and has established a 900 sow outdoor free range pig breeding operation. Prior to joining JBS Australia he spent 6 years working for MLA/MSA with producers, stock agents, saleyards, feedlots and livestock buyers to gain a greater understanding of the pathways into both the cattle and sheep MSA programs.

Currently, Mark’s role with JBS sees him managing both the lamb and beef farm assurance programs. He oversees the MSA component of the JBS Southern business, coordinating and implementing R&D programs specific to JBS lamb and beef. He also acts as running producer of educational programs across both the beef and lamb supply chains. His passion is livestock, whether that be on farm production, marketing, animal welfare, processing, industry issues, politics or consumer awareness.