Processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry

29th & 30th November 2016

Dr. Paul Jensen
Research Leader, Advanced Water Management Centre, University of Queensland

Dr. Paul Jensen is a research leader from the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland with over 12 years’ experience in waste and wastewater treatment in municipal, agricultural, and industrial contexts. Paul has successfully delivered more than 40 research and consulting projects including extensive reviews of current technologies and practices in the Australian red meat industry.

Paul’s current research covers waste/wastewater characterization, optimization and troubleshooting of existing processes and development of next generation technologies to enable recovery of value-add products such as: renewable energy, renewable fertilizers, bio-plastics and high value products such as protein-rich animal feeds. Paul developed a technology design and assessment tool for the meat processing industry that has identified how waste and wastewater treatment options can be effectively selected depending on individual circumstances.