Gavin Blake Scribes

This year we were joined by Gavin Blake who created these scribes during our speaker presentations.

They cover all our speaker topics, including:

  • A changing climate
  • A challenging global competitive environment
  • Changing consumption patterns that are leading to a decline in the domestic demand for red meat
  • A fragmented supply chain
  • An increasing consumer focus on food safety and quality
  • Environmental protection and animal welfare
  • A complex regulatory environment
  • 01_Peter Noble.jpg
  • 02_Peter Dyett.jpg
  • 03_Ted Schroeder.jpg
  • 04_Rob Williams.jpg
  • 05_Declan Troy.jpg
  • 06_Robyn Warner.jpg
  • 07_David Hopkins.jpg
  • 08_Nicholas Archer.jpg
  • 09_Stuart and Dr Paul.jpg
  • 10_Dimitrios and Tim.jpg
  • 11_Sally and John.jpg
  • 12_Dr Selwyn and Clive.jpg
  • 13_Sarah and Wendy.jpg
  • 14_Aarti Tobin.jpg
  • 15_Mark and Richard.jpg
  • 16_Guy Edgar.jpg
  • 17_Simon and Bree.jpg
  • 18_Sharon and Sophie.jpg
  • 19_Greg and Prue.jpg
  • 20_Mark and Doug.jpg
  • 21_Alice and Tom.jpg